Maldivian pilgrim missing in Saudi Arabia discovered dead after four days

Mohamed Naseem Ali, 72, Mala, R. Maakurathu; a Maldivian pilgrim whose body was discovered in Mecca four days after he went missing while performing Hajj pilgrimage.

A Maldivian pilgrim who went missing in Saudi Arabia while in the nation for Hajj pilgrimage has been discovered dead four days after he was reported missing.

The pilgrim, identified as Mohamed Naseem Ali, 72, Mala, R. Maakurathu, was affiliated with Al-Haramain Hajj & Umrah Company Maldives Private Limited.

Islamic Ministry said Naseem’s body was discovered near Jabal al-Nour, a mountain area in Mecca, at approximately 1:55am on early Friday morning. Citing the hospital, the Ministry said Naseem had already been dead when brought in.

He went missing four days prior, before pilgrims departed Mina, bound to Mount Arafat.

Naseem has performed Hajj pilgrimage twice before. His family reports he experiences age-related memory decline.