PPM alleges ‘unfair’ land allocation an attempt to influence election

The opposing coalition, composed of PPM and PNC, has accused the government of allocating land under the ‘Binveriya’ housing scheme in an unfair manner, in a political ploy to influence the upcoming presidential election.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the coalition said they were deeply concerned about the distribution of land, which comes with less than 75 days left for the presidential election.

The opposition has accused president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih of distributing vacant land reclaimed by former president Yameen Abdul Gayoom to his close associates. The party has also said that the land was allocated from areas where land reclamation was done without an Environmental Impact Assessment.

The statement said the government has not fulfilled its promise of 20,000 flats, and had failed to complete housing projects initiated during Yameen’s administration.

PPM called on the Anti-Corruption Commission and other relevant authorities to investigate the case.

A total of 10 MPs, including Rozaina Adam who represents the Addu Meedhoo constituency, and her husband Mohamed Nashiz, where on the list of land recepients.

15,164 applications were submitted for land under the ‘Binveriya’ Housing scheme. That is, 23,801 people. Of these, 12,794 forms or 19,857 people are eligible. The government has decided to give land to all those who meet the requirements.

The minimum size of land allocated by the government in the Male’ area is 1,250 acres. For applications submitted by more than one person, 400 acres of land will be added for each additional person. If more than seven people are involved in one application a total of 4,000 acres will be given.