Shareef: STELCO leads providing water, sewerage services

Managing Director of Stelco Ahmed Shareef speaking at the company's 26th anniversary celebrations. (Photo / President's Office)

The Managing Director of Stelco on Monday night said that the company was notable at a national level in providing water and sewerage services.

Shareef made these remarks while speaking at the ceremony held to celebrate the 26th anniversary of national electric company - Stelco. He said that the company’s success was not only attributed to providing electricity.  

While the company was initially created to provide electricity, today, it is just as notable in providing water and sewerage services. He added that although this work was new for them before, now they are able to stand at the same level as other service providers, and have talented and capable employees.

“Now, the company has the capability of establishing RO plants for its own use. Have the capability to drill boreholes. Have the machinery for these works.”

He added that they will be getting more machinery and also training staff to provide these services.

 Speaking about the services provided by Stelco, Shareef said that they were working on modernising electrical services, and that preparations were underway to begin smart meters for households by year end.

“It is a complaint of some people that compared to usage, the bill is higher. With smart meters there will be assurances when it comes to these things.”

Additionally, he talked about the significance Stelco gives to the promotion of staff, and building human resources.

In 2022, the company gave various promotions to 548 staff, and so far in this year, 404 have been promoted.

While about 1500 staff work for Stelco, the 26th anniversary celebation saw the highest number of staff attending.

In addition to providing electricity for the greater Male’ region, Stelco also operates some of the powerhouses in the atolls.

The company has also been doing noteworthy work under its social welfare initiatives.