Islands nearby Male’ at full capacity for Eid

A young boy celebrates Eid. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Islands nearby Male’ City are at full capacity in light of the upcoming Eid Holidays. 

People will get about 9 days holidays for the Eid-ul-Adha many from the capital will travel to nearby islands to celebrate this holiday.

 Island councils are preparing to welcome the large number of visitors for Eid. One such island is the Maafushi island nearby Male’.

The entire occupancy of Maafushi is already full, and the island is planning to conduct major activities in connection with the Eid. The island council is preparing to celebrate a traditional Eid, with a stage show and fireworks.

In addition to Maafushi, all the guesthouses in the nearby island of Guraidhoo are now full. There are not many activities planned in the village, but the Eid prayers will be held in large congregation.

Alif Atoll, just adjacent to Kaafu, is the next most popular Eid destination. All the guest houses in Thodoo island of Alif Alif Atoll are full according to the council of the island. The island is preparing for a colorful Eid, including events for the eve of Eid, Eid prayers in large congregations, Eid tea, night show, children's evening, and parades.

The President is also scheduled to visit the island on the afternoon of Eid for which they are preparing a large celebratory Eid lunch.

In addition, all the guesthouses in the island of Mathiveri of this atoll are full as well. The island council is also planning to host a four-day Eid festival in Mathiveri.

There are always perfect activities in many islands in connection with Eid. However, many people believe that this year's Eid may not be as fun as the ones before.