Judicial staff can now engage in political activities

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih attending a judicial event. (Photo / President's Office)

The Code of Conduct for judicial employees have been amended, allowing membership at political parties and other political associations.

When the Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees publicized on Thursday, some of the chapters and clauses were repealed, and some were amended.

The repealed chapters are; 2, 22, 26 and 27. Meanwhile the repealed clauses are 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

The new Code of Conduct that came into effect allows political activities under the clause that addresses maintaining the independence and integrity of the judicial system. It directs employees to refrain from any activities that could impose any questions on their integrity, independence of the judiciary, as well as things that may effect the faith people have in the system.

Political activities that fall into below categories are not allowed for judicial employees:

-         Activities targeted at increases or decreasing popularity of a political party or candidate

-         Participating in political debates and campaigns that are controversial or may become controversial among public

-         This article states that, no employee shall do anything that may bring into question the integrity of the judiciary and shall refrain from doing anything that would undermine the independence of the judiciary and the public confidence in the system.

In addition to this, activities such as defined below are allowed for judiciary employees:

-         Membership at a political party or political associations

-         Voting in internal elections of a political party or other political associations

-         Assisting a family member to vote who is unable to attend voting centre in person

-         Participation in social activities that are not, and unlikely to create divisions, and involvement in it would not result in any negative implications on the trust and integrity of the judiciary.