Urbanco completes the development of a prison in Himmafushi

The prison built by Urbanco in K. Himmafushi. (Photo/Urbanco)

Urbanco, under an initiative to assist in vacating Male' Prison, has completed the development of a new prison in K. Himmafushi. 

Himmafushi prison project was undertaken by Urbanco's Community Rapid Response (CRR) team at the request of the President's Office. A worn-down building in Himmafushi was redeveloped as a prison under this project. 

The project was prompted by the government's decision to vacate Male' prison before the completion of the new Dharumavantha School building, and is brought into use. 

The prison complex developed by Urbanco comprises of four blocks, each with a capacity to accommodate 16 inmates and a bathroom area comprising of 12 toilets. 

The prison, upon completion of the main building structure, all renovation works and electric wiring, has now been handed over to Maldives Correctional Service. 

While the main mandate of Urbanco is the development of Hulhumale’ and the provision of basic services required for the suburb, their CRR team is undertaking projects in the interest of the general community under the company's Beyond Hulhumale’ Plan. Himmafushi prison project was undertaken in this trajectory.