Urbanco stands by decision to repossess Hiyaa flats despite lawsuit

The two Hiyaa apartments that were merged. (Photo/Social Media)

Urbanco states it does not plan on revising its decision to repossess the two apartments in the Hiyaa Housing Project in Hulhumale’ Phase II that were merged in violation of the agreement, despite the lawsuit against the corporation.

The case of the two apartments that were merged by demolishing the party wall between the two units came to public attention on May 5, after photos and videos of the apartments were shared on social media.

Urbanco conducted an investigation and fined the owners of both units by MVR 100,000. They were given 10 days to settle the fine and return the apartments to its original state.

However, the tenants failed to pay the fine or rebuild the party wall, and Urbanco decided to repossess the apartments, giving the tenants 14 days to vacate the units.

The two-week notice period expires on Thursday.

They were also given an additional 30 days – starting from May 14 – to settle the fine.

The tenants have contested Urbanco’s decision with the Civil Court, and are seeking an injunction to halt the repossession of the apartments.

The case has been registered with the court.

A top official from Urbanco’s PR Department told Sun on Tuesday that the corporation will not change its decision to repossess the apartments despite the court case.

He said that the agreement clearly states what can and cannot be done, and the course of action for violations.

The official said that the corporation needed to protect the safety and security of the rest of the families that reside in the Hiyaa flats.

He said the corporation’s priority is to protect public interest, rather than that of an individual family.

“Merging the two apartments is wrong. It is a violation of the agreement. Filing a court case will not change our decision. It is their responsibility of all to consider the consequences of doing something that is in violation of regulations,” said the official.