Police seize weapons used in Naeema’s murder along with assailants’ clothes

The home of Naeema Moosa, 62, who was found killed on April 7, 2023. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Saail Ali)

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, on Friday, confirmed that police have seized the weapons used in the brutal murder of the middle-aged woman who was found killed in her home at N. Manadhoo alongside the clothes worn by the assailants when they committed the crime.

Naeema Moosa, 62, Annaarumaage, N. Manadhoo, was found stabbed to death in her bedroom at around 06:30 pm on April 7.

 A street sweeper employed by the local council, Naeema had lived alone. She was reported missing by her family at around 06:13 pm on April 7. She was last seen on April 5.

The police had to break open her bedroom door and found her lying dead on the floor.

CP Hameed, earlier today, announced the arrests of two people in connection to Naeema’s murder more than a month into her death.

He also said the police were searching a location presumed to contain important evidence related to the case.

In a new update just minutes earlier, CP Hameed said the police have now seized two sharp-edged weapons used to murder Naeema alongside the clothes worn by the assailants at the time they committed the crime.

He detailed the clothes were dug up by officers from where they had been burned and buried by the assailants.

Manadhoo, an island that had been relatively crime-free, was shaken by Naeema’s brutal murder. Police had obtained fingerprint and DNA samples from many residents of the island for their investigation.

Residents have made various allegations regarding Naeema’s death. However, police have been tightlipped regarding their investigation until today.