Drugs submerged in sea discovered by fishermen; weighed 80 kilos

Drugs seized by police in a counter-narcotics operation.

Faafu Feeali Council, on Friday, said that it was a group of fishermen from the island who initially discovered the drugs submerged in the sea off Filitheyo, another island in Faafu Atoll, that was seized by the police on Thursday.

In a message to media outlets on Thursday evening, Police said the drugs were seized during an operation carried out jointly with Faafu Atoll police after receiving intel of drugs being concealed underwaters in the area.

They did not disclose the exact amount of drugs seized nor the type. However, the police said the case is under further investigation.

Feeali Council President Moosa Ahmed told Sun on Friday that the submerged drugs were first discovered by a group of fishermen from the island who was fishing in the area.

“A group of fishermen discovered the drugs first and made the report,” he said.

Moosa reported being informed by the police that the submerged drugs weighed 80 kilos in total.

Police, years ago, seized over a ton of drugs submerged in a Maldivian lagoon as well.

Although rare, Police, in similar cases, have seized drugs concealed underwater previously.