Man dies after getting hit by safari propeller in Inguraidhoo

R. Inguraidhoo Health Centre.

A man has passed away in R. Inguraidhoo after getting hit by a propeller of a safari during an attempt to untangle a rope tangled in the propellor amid docking at the island’s lagoon.

The incident took place at approximately 5:45pm on Wednesday evening. The injured man was taken to Inguraidhoo Health Centre for treatment following the incident.

Abdulla Hussain, the manager of Inguraidhoo Health Centre, confirmed his death to Sun.

R. Rasgetheemu Council confirmed the man who passed away as a native of the island. He has been identified as the former vice president of the council, Mohamed Ibrahim.

His family and officials from Rasgetheemu Council have traveled to Inguraidhoo following the incident.

Sun has learned that the propeller was spinning at the time Mohamed Ibrahim dived to untangle the tangled rope as the safari had been backing into the lagoon meanwhile.