Parliament goes to recess without completing majority works

People's Majlis building captured from outside. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Statistics show that the parliament broke for recess on Thursday without concluding many of its tasks.

As per the statistics, the parliament only completed 38.9 percent of work during the first session of this year. Therewith, 61.1 percent of work remains incomplete.

Twenty bills from the last session that remained incomplete were coupled with 11 new bills submitted during this session. However, only two bills out of these 31 were completed by the end of this session.

Five of these bills are at the floor stage while 24 are in committees. The parliament received 19 resolutions during this session, however, only seven were completed. Meanwhile, 11 resolutions were received during the last session.

A total of 92 questions were posed to cabinet ministers during this session of which only 41 were answered.

Important bills submitted during this session included the amendments to the Waste Management Act, General Elections Act and Sports Act.

As per regulations, the Parliament’s first session of the year will commence on February 1st and conclude on the last Thursday of April. The second session will commence in May while the third will commence in August.