Residents worried over lack of police presence as theft and robberies hike in Lhaimagu

Sh. Lhaimagu. (Photo/Thiladhun)

Sh. Lhaimagu Council has reported an increase in theft and robberies on the island recently.

Speaking to Sun, Lhaimagu Council President Adam Azmeer said two cases of theft and one case of robbery was submitted to the police within the past four days alone – both of which are presently under investigation by the police.

He underscored that the increase in crimes at Lhaimagu has thrown its residents into a limbo of concern and fear especially as the island lacks a police post at such a time like this.

“The lack of a police post on the island poses many difficulties. A building has been rented by the police which includes all the required equipment as well. I believe a police post on the island is absolutely mandatory as the situation worsens,” he said.

Azmeer detailed that the building rented by the police not only included all equipment required for their operations but also comprises of an area for accommodation.

Therewith, he stressed there was no reasonable explanation for the lack of police presence on the island.