Transport Ministry loses appeal in freeze on vehicle registration cancellation

Transport Minister Aishath Nahula. (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

High Court has ruled to uphold an injunction issued by the Civil Court to suspend the cancellation of the registration of over 80 vehicles.

The Transport Ministry had cancelled the registration of 136 vehicles – including cars and motorbikes – citing they were registered in violation of regulations.

Some of the owners of the vehicles filed a lawsuit with the Civil Court over the decision.

In October 2022, the Civil Court issued the injunction ordering a halt to the cancellation of the registration of 87 vehicles – announced by the Transport Ministry in announcements on September 7 and September 26 that year.

Transport Ministry appealed the injunction with the High Court.

The court issued its decision in the case Wednesday.

The court found no cause to overturn the injunction, citing such a decision could be damaging to 87 people who had their vehicle registration cancelled but would be of no direct consequence to the state.

The court ruled the injunction was issued in accordance with balance of convenience rule.

The High Court bench, composed of Judge Mohamed Nizam, Judge Mohamed Faisal, and Judge Mohamed Saleem, found no legal grounds to overturn the injunction.