EC mandates training program for journalists covering presidential election

Ismail Habeeb during a press conference by Elections Commission (EC). (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The Election Commission (EC) on Sunday revealed that journalists covering this year’s Presidential Elections needed to completed a training program conducted by them.

During the National Advisory Committee on Elections, the Deputy President of EC Ismail Habeeb spoke on why changes needed to be brought to Elections Act.

Concerns have been raised that the amendments proposed on behalf of the government, by MP for North Henveiru constituency Ibrahim Muizzu might narrow the role of media in covering the elections. 

Defending this bill, Habeeb debunked those claims and expressed his belief that the role of media would expand even more with the bill. 

He noted that only registered journalists are given the opportunity to cover elections.

In addition to this, Habeeb said that international monitors, observers and journalists can also be observe the proceedings of this years election. Application will be officially opened on March 25, for those interested. 

However all journalists and observers will need to be accredited from the Elections commission, he said. This rule applies to both local and international media.

Furthermore, Habeeb said that there was no agenda by the commission to narrow the role of the medias in the election, but rather they want to make everything as transparent as possible.