Sun Siyam Media signs as broadcasting partner for TfG’s races

Sun Siyam Media’s COO Mohamed Asif (Mondhu) (R) and TfG’s CEO Hussain Zinan (L) sign broadcasting partnership agreement on March 8, 2023. (Sun Photo)

Sun Siyam Media has signed as broadcasting partner for this year’s races by the Total Fitness Group (TfG).

TfG is set to hold three races this year; MV Run, Bodu Faheh, and Maldives Long Run.

The partnership agreement between Sun Siyam Media and TfG was signed by Sun Siyam Media’s Chief Operating officer Mohamed Asif (Mondhu) and TfG’s Chief Executive Officer Hussain Zinan on Wednesday.

Zinan told Sun that with Sun Siyam Media’s SSTV now the broadcasting partner for the three races, TfG hopes to work with the media organization to raise public awareness regarding the races.

“We hope to deliver information to the public about these races through this agreement. It is the goal of both parties is to raise awareness regarding the health benefits of running,” he said.

Zinan said TfG hopes to encourage more people to take up running and exercise through their races.

Zinan said there has been a decline in the number of people who take part in such races since the Covid-19 pandemic. He said that TfG hopes to change things this year.

“We want to see people who have never run five kilometers, run five kilometers. To see them celebrate it. To see them experience what exercise has to offer,” he said.

All three races will be held at the Hulhumale’ Central Park, and is open to all. Interested parties can register via TfG’s website once registration opens.

The first race, MV Run, will be held in the first week of June. The Bodu Faheh will be held in the first week of September, and the Maldives Long Run in the first week of December.