Speaker: Accept bills that will bring meaningful changes

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed: Speaker Nasheed stated that forming a Parliamentary Commission to investigate the MMPRC scandal was unnecessary while the Presidential Commission was already investigating the scandal in response to a letter suggesting so by Kaashidhoo MP Jabir on November 5, 2019. (Photo/Parliament)

Speaker of the Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed urged lawmakers to accept important bills that would bring more meaningful changes. 

He made this remark during the debate on the bill proposing amendments to the Local Council elections act, submitted by Hithadhoo North MP Ibrahim Nazil on behalf of the government.

During the debate, some members pointed out that this bill had no meaning to it. 

The gist of the bill is to extend the current 48 hour period given to inform applicants whether their application has been accepted by the commission, to five days. 

Speaking on the bill, Central Maafannu MP Ibrahim Rasheed said that the government puts forth bills with out any research work, and could at any time ratify a bill and ask to abide by it.

Meanwhile North Maafannu MP Imthiyaz Fahumy said that prior to submitting this bill, the first question that should have been asked was if within the current timeframe, there has been a failure to make a decision regarding a candidate’s candidacy.

Commenting on the matter, Speaker Nasheed said that members have been raising concerns about the Parliament’s time being wasted, and urged to accepting more meaningful bills.