Defense Minister urge to take example from MACL in ensuring employee safety

Minister Mariya inaugurating MACL’s ‘Binaaru’ safety campaign. (Photo / MACL)

Minister of Defense Mariya Ahmed Didi urged all to take Maldives Airports Company (MACL) as an example in prioritizing the safety of employees.

She made the remarks while inaugurating a campaign by MACAL - ‘Binaaru’ on Saturday night.

The campaign encompasses programs on areas such as safety and security, health awareness and health screening. 

Speaking at this gathering, the minister said that the governments policy on workers rights does not end at simply ensuring minimum wage. She added that their aim was to protect the rights of workers under every meaning, including safety, and providing a safe working environment.

Mariya went on to note that MACL was the first SOE to commence a campaign that prioritized occupational health, safety and security, as in line with the government’s targets.

“I urge other agencies and SOE’s to take example from this campaign, and work towards creating a culture that prioritizes the health and safety of employees.”

Binaaru’s aims include developing and maintaining a safety culture that is inclusive of all areas of the airport, making arrangements for more convenient means to report occupations health, and safety and security issues, as well as ensuring those reports are addressed at the earliest. 

In addition to this, the minister highlighted that safety and security was not a new area for MACL, and that right now, this work being done was improvement, while focusing on employees. 

She further emphasized that safety and security was part of MACL’s core values. Hence expressed hope that this campaign will bring all the work done to ensure workers safety to a full circle.