ACC seeks corruption charges against two former top Fenaka officials

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). (File Photo/Sun)

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has requested the Prosecutor General’s Office (PG Office) to file charges against two individuals suspecting they had committed an act of corruption in the development of Fenaka Corporation’s billing software.

The corruption charges are sought in a case where funds were released by Fenaka to a private company contracted to develop a billing software for the corporation in violation of the stipulated regulations.

ACC said that the case was forwarded to PG Office this time after making the amendments instructed by the latter.

Charges are being sought against former head of ICT department, Ismail Shamuoon (M. Fehividhuvaruge /K. Male’) and former head of sales and billing department of Fenaka, Ahmed Najah (No: RS 13142/K. Male’).

Both are accused of abusing their positions to provide an undue advantage to a third party.

Detailing the facts of the case – ACC said that despite the agreement between Fenaka and the contractor for the development of the billing software specifying the date of completion as November 6, 2017; the corporation has never received the software to date.

Nevertheless, a document signed by Shammoon and Najah confirming the completion of the software, resulted in payment to the contractor – which ACC described as an undue advantage to them.

ACC has instructed Fenaka to recover MVR 1.4 million released to the contractor with respect to the case.