Police begins using taser guns

Maldives Police Service begins using taser guns on February 26, 2023. (Photo/Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed)

Maldives Police Service has begun using taser guns as a tool when making arrests in high-risk operations.

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed, in a tweet on Sunday, said that taser guns will be used by High Visibility Policing teams in Male’ City. Officers authorized to carry taser guns will have undergone certification training and will be ranked sergeant or higher.

This marks the first time taser guns are being used by law enforcement in the Maldives.

Police demonstrated the use of taser guns in a press conference last year.

During the press conference – CP Hameed cited the purpose of introducing taser guns as to provide police with more options for the use of legal force in making arrests in high-risk situations.

Police said they currently have 25 taser guns in stock. They will be used concurrently with body-worn cameras.

The bodycam of the officer and nearby officers will go live as soon as their taser gun is activated, said the police.

Taser guns send an electric current that can incapacitate the person who is shot for five seconds. However, if the gun is triggered without removing the initial dart fired from the individual shot, the five seconds will be extended by an additional five seconds. Police state taser guns will not danger the life of a person shot.