Qasim praises Nasheed; expresses aversion for coalitions

Jumhoory Party's leader Qasim Ibrahim captured next to Parliament Speaker, MDP's leader Nasheed at JP's congress on February 24th, 2023. (Photo/V Media)

Jumhoory Party’s (JP) leader Qasim Ibrahim, reminiscing earlier experiences together, has strongly praised Parliament Speaker, Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) leader Mohamed Nasheed.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony JP’s congress held at Dharubaaruge on Friday – Qasim indirectly expressed aversion towards coalitions.

He said that Nasheed rendered him the most assistance when he was left with no choice when sentenced to prison ‘unlawfully’ in the wee hours of a night, while admitted at the hospital, during  former administration, which led up to his eventual self-exile abroad.

“A ‘no country man’ who was born into the middle of the world. In other words, I did not even have a country. While this was, got special permit to stay in Singapore by going to the Immigration for more than three months by will of God, because of the well-grounded regulations that existed in the country, and his (Nasheed’s) assistance,” he said.

Nevertheless, Qasim stressed that he no longer bears the ruthlessness of back then in his heart, expressing he holds no animosity towards anyone.

Speaking further, Qasim said that former administrations had only managed to do good for the people because of JP – whereas had his party not back other parties, they would not have been able to govern.

“If JP had not formed coalitions – the administration of those parties would not have been born. Therewith, JP is entitled to a share of all the good that has been done by this administration and former administrations,” he said.

Expressing eversion to coalitions – Qasim said when it comes to formation of the government, there no party that is better than JP. Nevertheless, he stressed that JP has never received credit for the good things carried out during an administration.

While Qasim has spoken in favor of Nasheed, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s direct competition, Qasim had not made mentioned President Solih today.

Qasim’s remarks come after Nasheed commented that this year’s election is a ‘golden opportunity’ for Qasim, stressing he must contest the election.

JP will make a decision regarding this year’s presidential election at the congress which kicked off today.