Kanduhulhudhoo to kickstart local tourism

An aerial shot of G. A. Kanduhulhudhoo. (Photo/Aishath Naj)

The local council of GA. Kanduhulhudhoo has decided to lease land from the “Rehaa gandu” area for local tourism.

Speaking to “Sun” the president of the local council of the island, Thoriq Afeef, said that the decision to give land for local tourism is part of a project to kickstart local tourism on the island.

“We decided to give the land as an experiment. This island is very new to local tourism,” Thoriq said.

He further said that the area will be 5 plots of land that are 5’000 square feet per plot. He also said that they will also have discussions with the local community regarding this project.

Under the project to rent out the land now they have opened up for interested parties to send in letters of interest. They will be accepting letters till one o’clock in the afternoon of the first of March. 

Kanduhulhudhoo is completely new to local tourism. It’s a 10-minute ride to the island from Maavaralu airport and is home to about 500 people. The council said that they hope this project will build the foundation for local tourism.