Magistrate suspended for providing false information

Chief Magistrate of Dhaalu Judicial constituency Ahmed Amir.

Chief Magistrate of Dhaalu Judicial constituency Ahmed Amir has been suspended by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for providing false information.

Speaking to Sun, JSC’s Secretary General Izmeera Shihaam said that Amir’s suspension was decided on the ninth meeting of the commission held on February 1st.

The Commission was investigating Amir for misconduct after it was reported that he had submitted false information to Dh. Kudahuvadhoo Council while requesting to change his residency to the island.

JSC said that his application comprised of false statements by a group of people.

Therewith, the Commission, declaring he had committed an act which violated the judges’ code of conduct, decided to suspend him for two weeks without pay and allowances.

JSC investigates misconduct complaints pertaining to judges and magistrates. While they reviewed four such complaints in December – they had reviewed three in January.