VP: Company will progress with close ties among employees

Vice President Faisal Naseem speaking at the staff night celebration held by Island Aviation. (Photo / President's Office)

Vice President Faisal Naseem on Saturday night stated that the close relations maintained by employees as well as the assistance and support provided from one section to the other plat a vital role in the progressing of a company. 

Speaking as the chief guest of the Island Aviation's staff night, the Vice President said that the company's staff were doing very important work for the development of the country, and that it was reflected as the services they provide. 

Noting that as aviation remains the mean used by most for travelling, on a daily basis, all those who travel receive the services of employees of Island Aviation. He went on to add that with more airports developing all over the nation, the work load carried by the company would be increasing in the future.

Hence, he urged to provide services to all the people of the country without any discrimination and utmost care, now and even in the future.

In addition to this, VP Naseem spoke about the importance of appreciating employees, and said that it was something much prioritised by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih as well. 

During the staff night, those who served the company over a long period were presented with awards and certificates. Moreover, it was also announced that the pay as well as other allowances provided to the staff will be incremented.

Island Aviation's Managing Director Mohamed Mihad revealed that from March 2023 onwards, positive changes will be brought to the salaries. He said that all the allowances reduced due to global pandemic Covid-19 will be reinstated, as well as an increment will be made to amounts allocated for employee pensions. 

The operator of Maldivian - the largest aviation fleet in Maldives, has over 1300 employees.