Akram: Asphalt works in whole Ameenee Magu to be completed by July

State Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Akram Kamaluddin captured during an interview to Sun. (Sun Photo/Maahil Athif)

State Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Akram Kamaluddin states that asphalt work in whole Ameenee Magu will be completed by July.

Although the redevelopment of Ameenee Magu was contracted to Road Development Corporation (RDC) by the Planning Ministry – asphalt works on the road are being undertaken by Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) in a sub-contractor basis.

MTCC commenced the work on Tuesday night. By Wednesday morning, the company had completed laying asphalt in the first three segments of Ameenee Magu – which is a 380-meter area.

Speaking to Sun, Akram said that the closed-off area at Ameenee Magu can hopefully be opened for public use by this Friday. He also said that asphalt works at an additional 380-meter area – that is up to Imaadhuddin School – will be completed before the commencement of Ramadan.

MTCC workers carrying out asphalt works on Ameenee Magu. (Sun Photo)

“The government is committed to providing easements for the people. We request the cooperation of all citizens in difficulties faced while the road works are ongoing, and advise them to conduct themselves in a manner the works are not obstructed,” he added.

Delays in asphalt works of the redeveloped segments of Ameenee Magu have been of great concern to the public due to difficulties in accessibility obstructing transportation as the area is frequented by pedestrians and motorists.

Male’ City Council had first initiated the redevelopment of Ameenee Magu. However, the project was overtaken by Planning Ministry, which contracted the work to RDC for double the value at MVR 8.4 million.

Under the project, RDC was tasked with developing 7.1 kilometers of asphalt road, installing a storm drain system, and installing street lights.

The government plans to develop other roads in Male’ City up to modern standards. Akram said that redevelopment of the north side of Boduthakurufaanu Magu will commence next month.

“Not sure yet, who this project will be contracted to,” he noted.

Physical works on the redevelopment of Ameenee Magu was officially inaugurated on August 30.  Presently, redevelopment works of the fourth segment of the road are ongoing simultaneous with the asphalt works.