Maldivian authorities probe self-proclaimed spiritual healer Mala Ali

Dr. Mala Ali Mahmoud (R). (Photo/Facebook/Dr. Mala Ali Mahmoud)

The Maldivian Health Ministry has launched an investigation into allegations Iraq-born Dr. Mala Ali Mahmud, who claims to heal the hearing and vision impaired, had treated several patients in Maldives.

Health Ministry’s Senior Executive Director Aminath Shathufa told Sun on Tuesday that the authorities have launched an investigation to find out the truth behind the rumors.

Shathufa said that Mala Ali had visited Maldives on a tourist visa. She noted that visitors on tourist visa aren’t allowed to provide healing services without securing necessary permits.

Dr. Mala Ali Mahmoud (C). (Photo/Facebook/Dr. Mala Ali Mahmoud)

“We began looking into it as soon as the videos began circulating on social media. He certainly did not receive any permits from the Health Ministry. We have yet to find out the island he purportedly visited and the people he purportedly treated,” she said.

Shathufa said the Health Ministry has yet to receive any formal complaints over the issue.

According to posts on Mala Ali’s Facebook page, he arrived in Maldives on January 29. Photos on his page show him treating several Maldivians, including children, and people giving him gifts for “curing” various ailments.

He has since left Maldives.

Mala Ali had previously been deported from Saudi Arabia for fraud.