President Solih: Decided to increase land issued from Male’ area

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih delivers presidential address at the People's Majlis on February 6, 2023.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Monday announced the decision to increase the number of land plots to be issued from the greater Male’ area. 

During his official address for the inaugural session of the Parliament for 2023, the president said that before the end of June this year, those who get selected from the housing schemes for Male’ area will be given letters of confirmation. 

In his speech, President Solih referred to the things he has spoken about housing during the address last year. 

At the time, he said that for residents of Male’, at least 1000 plots from Hulhumale’, and 2000 from Gulhifalhu will be allocated. Moreover, 2000 plots will be allocated from the area that is being reclaimed from Gulhifalhu as well. 

“Just as said that day, the target set by the government to finish the work remains unchanged. This will be the year, for the first time within a term, buildings that started from the foundation will be housing people.”

Speaking about the government's “Binveriyaa” scheme and “Gedhoruveriyaa” scheme, he said that the housing units developed by the government will be spacious and different. 

Application for these two schemes was opened from June 26, 2022 to October 15, 2022. By the end of the deadline, almost 36,000 applications were recovered. This includes 15،164 forms for land plots, 14،489 for three-room apartments and 6،208 forms for two-room apartments. 

Despite stating that the number of plots issued will be increased, the president refrained from sharing further details regarding this in his speech. 

In addition to this, President Solih noted that the 556 housing units being developed in the atolls will be completed by May, while work on 2200 units was ongoing.