Italian passenger liner docks in Male' harbour

The Costa Deliziosa. (Photo/Crew Center)

The Costa Deliziosa, one passenger liner among the Costa passenger liners operated by the Italian company Carnival Corporation, docked in Male’ harbour this morning.

This passenger liner, which has the capacity to hold 2,300 passengers, boasts 1130 rooms of 4 different tiers. These include 90 suites, 662 rooms with a balcony, 178 rooms with an ocean view, and 180 rooms that look towards the interior of the ship. The ship has a total of 12 decks with passenger rooms being on 6 of those decks.

The Costa Deliziosa is a 92,720 tonne ship and was launched in 2010. It's 294 metres in length and this 670 dollar ship requires 1,050 employees to function.

Even though around 1,000 employees work on the passenger liner robots are actively used to cater to the passengers’ needs. There are robots, fluent in three languages that welcome the passengers as they board the ship, give information and show them the way aboard the vessel. These robots are made with the ability to sense and react to changes in a person’s facial expressions and voice.

A robot aboard the Costa Deliziosa.

The Costa Deliziosa offers five different restaurant choices to passengers as well as spas, a kids club, a car simulator, fitness centres, five swimming pools and five Jacuzzis. The ship also offers four cinemas that show 3-D films and a theatre that can host 800 people for more entertainment. In addition to all these amenities they also offer a tennis and basketball court, a virtual golf court, a running track, and even a skate park.

The ship spent almost a month on this voyage around the world so far, starting from Italy. The ship left Goa, India and came to Male’ and will remain anchored in the harbour till tomorrow afternoon. The passengers will unboard the vessel at different times in the 30 or so hours that the ship will remain in the Male’ harbour. There are special preparations in place near Jumhoory Maizaan for the passengers of the Costa Deliziosa. After leaving the Maldives, the ship will make its way towards Seychelles. This voyage around the world will end back in Italy on May 12, 2023.

The Costa Deliziosa. (Photo/Cruise Mapper)

While the number of tourists that visit the Maldives has increased exponentially, passengers from such passenger liners will also have a positive impact on the Maldivian economy. It will also positively impact restaurants and souvenir shops as well.