Nasheed calls for formation of 50,000-member ‘Fikuregge Dhirun’ branch

MDP leader and Parliament speaker Mohamed Nasheed meets supporters at the Dhon Manik Sky View restaurant at Alimas Carnival in Male’ City on January 30, 2023. (Sun Photo/Naail Hafeez)

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s leader and Parliament speaker Mohamed Nasheed has called to sign up 50,000 members to form a separate branch within MDP under the banner ‘Fikuregge Dhirun’ – which had been his campaign slogan in the presidential primary which he recently lost to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Speaking to his campaign team and the press at theDhon Manik Sky View restaurant in Alimas Carnival on Monday afternoon, in his first public appearance since the election defeat, Nasheed said that neither he nor any of his supporters would violate MDP’s constitution.

“What we must do now form a 50,000-member ‘Fikuregge Dhirun’ branch and decide what we must do ahead of the election. So, what we must do now is to form this branch,” he said.

Nasheed, who has refused to back President Solih, said they would decide the presidential candidate the branch will support, later.

He said that the results of the primary weren’t enough for MDP to win the presidential election.

“My goal for the best outcome for MDP. For us to do what will secure victory for MDP. We cannot lose the 2023 presidential election. This is far too important,” he said.

Nasheed said that MDP members must to what is best for the party, instead of pushing personal agendas.

He also said that he found ideals more important than people in his political career.

“People aren’t important for my political career. Philosophy is. Ideals are important,” he said.