Education Ministry introduces Atoll Education Development Project

Launching ceremony of Atoll Education Development Project. (Photo/Education Ministry)

The Atoll Education Development Project (AEDP) worth USD 10 million, put together by the Ministry of Education was introduced on Wednesday night.

It was introduced during a special ceremony held at Manhattan Business School, by the the Minister of Education Dr. Aishath Ali. 

According to the ministry, AEDP’s main target would be to expand secondary education provided in Maldives and to further enhance teaching for those grades. They further said that this was designed to introduce stem education, enhance literacy and numeracy, and to strengthen the quality of secondary education provided. 

Launching ceremony of Atoll Education Development Project. (Photo/Education Ministry)

Additionally, the ministry detailed that under the project resource centers will be developed in selected 28 schools. These centers will be equipped with things needed for science and ICT, and stem education. Skills and stem labs are also planned as part of this. 

“Efforts have now commenced as part of this to further develop the facilities in schools, and including environmentally friendly “green concepts” in teaching.”

The ministry noted that teachers play a pivotal role in implementing any education related concept, hence AEDP includes enrichment of their skills as well. 

Hence, teachers will be assisted in putting together curriculum materials in accordance with the various changes to be implemented. 

In addition to this, the Education Ministry revealed that the project is planned for a period of five years.