Mondhu: SSNET will participate in social development of islands

Sun Siyam Media's COO Mohamed Asif (Mondhu). (Sun File Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

SSNET’s Chief Operating Officer Mohamed Asif (Mondhu) has remarked that SSNET will participate in the social development of islands where the service has been adequately established.

As the new cable TV service offering nationwide coverage prepares for its grand launch – SSNET’s COO Mondhu, on Wednesday, described its aim as bringing happiness to the people in line with which the company would work towards putting a smile on people’s faces.

“To facilitate a happy environment away from mental stress is the aim. SSNET will contribute to the development of Maldives,” he said.

Mondhu said that TV channels including popular religious channels, Hollywood and Bollywood movie channels, children’s channels, sports channels, and prominent international news channels amongst various others would be available on SSNET.

“We are beginning an extremely important journey. SSNET will always focus on providing the most quality and the cheapest service to the public,” he added.

Sun Siyam Media's COO Mohamed Asif (C) with some of the company's staff holding the SS Media rebroadcasting license on December 1, 2022. (Sun Photo)

SSNET, which has the license to provide nationwide cable TV service in Maldives, will begin operations on January 30.

SSNET will be managed by Sun Siyam Media.

Additional information regarding the service can be clarified by calling SSNET’s call center at 1633.

SSNET will be launching with focus on DhiraaguTV customers – to facilitate a smooth transition between both service providers.

DhiraaguTV customers switching to SSNET will not be charged any additional fees while they can continue to use their set-top box. SSNET’s service will be available from the date DhiraaguTV ceases operations; January 30. Dhiraagu TV customers can easily register for SSNet through a link sent via text on Saturday.

Dhiraagu TV, subsequent to Broadcasting Commission of the Maldives’ rejection of their application to renew its rebroadcasting license, following discussions with SSNET, decided to provide its IPTV/OTT network to SS Network as a service.

SSNET’s service will be available to all islands that DhiraaguTV provides coverage to.