Nasheed: Calling ‘India Out’ is the only issue with Yameen

Parliament Speaker, MDP's leader Mohamed Nasheed speaks at a press conference on January 16, 2023. (Sun Photo/Naail Hussain)

Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) leader, Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has named his only issue with opposition leader, former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom as inciting hatred among Maldivians towards neighboring India through the ‘India Out’ campaign.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Nasheed said that he does not view Yameen so vastly politically indifferent – adding the only difference in ideology they have as the ‘India Out’ campaign headed by Yameen.

“As I believe, President Yameen is an intellectual. An academic. A well-aware person with a vision. I do not believe him to be so indifferent. I have been repeated telling PPM members that this is the only difference in opinion we have; ‘India Out’. To let go of this,” he said.

Emphasizing the longstanding strong bilateral relationship between Maldives and India – Nasheed described the ‘India Out’ campaign as a shameful act which should not be an ideology of a developing country such as the Maldives.

While Nasheed praised Yameen – he remarked he cannot say President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih possess such characteristics.

During the press conference – Nasheed strongly urged Yameen to let go of the ‘India Out’ ideology.

‘India Out’ is a campaign launched by the opposition coalition calling for the removal of Indian military personnel allegedly stationed across different regions in the Maldives. The coalition held a large number of demonstrations as part of this campaign last year.