Road monitors to be introduced in Male'

From the 84th meeting of the fourth term of the city council. (Photo/ City Council)

Male’ city council has decided to introduce and train employees as “Road Monitors” today.

The decision to employ road monitors was made at the 84th meeting of the fourth term of the city council.

The responsibilities of road monitors include ensuring vehicles abide by obeying traffic rules if the parked vehicles are parked in accordance with the laws and rules.

Moreover, they are to ensure that things on the road and pavement are placed in a way that doesn’t obstruct pedestrians and report if any of these are not in satisfactory order.

Speaking about this, the Mayor of Male’ City, Dr Mohamed Muizzu said that the introduction of road monitors will make it easier to maintain order in the streets.

He further said that people will get a chance to correct the issues before the Police Constabulary take the necessary action after the road monitors are introduced.

In order to monitor both Male’ and Villimale’, the city council have begun a service called Special Constabulary in August 2022, with the help of Maldives Police Force.