Haze affects northern and central Maldives

Male' City experiences haze causing a reduction in air quality and poor visibility. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Saail Ali)

The prevailing easterly winds over the past few days has drastically reduced the visibility over northern and central Maldives, states Maldives Meteorological Service.

MMS said Monday that while more than 10 kilometers is reported on a clear day, the average visibility over the past 24 hours in central Maldives has been reduced to four kilometers.

Visibility can vary depending on the winds and rainfall, said MMS.

Northern Maldives had been affected by severe haze due to dust and smoke carried from winds blowing through the Bay of Bengal back in December as well, promoting doctors to recommend face masks.

Pulmonologist Dr. Mohamed Ali advised minimizing the time spent outdoors to avoid potential negative health implications.

The also advised the public to wear face masks when outdoor, use air purifiers indoors, and follow instructions from the Environment Ministry.

People wear masks as they shop in the market district of Male' City on May 12, 2020. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Unlike mist or fog, haze is caused by fine particles in the air, which pollute the air and reduce visibility.

The air quality can be checked using the app IQAir.