British Airways to commence scheduled flights to Maldives next year

A British Airways flight at Velana International Airport. (Photo/Tourism Ministry)

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL), on Friday, revealed that British Airways will be commencing scheduled flights to the Maldives for the first time next year.

British Airways presently operates to the Maldives, however, only during the winter season. In this regard, the airline is operating seasonal flights to the Maldives this year as well.

MACL’s Communications Manager Shamman Shakir told Sun that British Airways will be commencing scheduled flights to the Maldives, unlike the current arrangement of seasonal flights, next year.

As the winter season prevails – British Airways operates daily to the Maldives. Shamman said the schedule for the summer season is yet to be unveiled.

“British Airways has always operated to the Maldives, but on a seasonal basis, for the winter. They will hold flights in summer as well next year. Throughout the year, basically. The season operation is changing to a whole-year operation,” he said.

Shamman said that the flights currently used by British Airways in their operations to the Maldives can accommodate up to 297 passengers.

British Airways is the flag carrier of the UK.

UK is traditionally one of the most popular tourist markets to the Maldives. At present, UK is settled in third place on the top ten tourist markets to the Maldives – sharing 10.8 percent of total arrivals.