Dr. Naaz case: Ministry obtaining statements from accusers on social media

Dr. Aishath Ali Naaz. (Photo/Facebook/Dr. Aishath Ali Naaz)

Health Ministry, on Thursday, revealed that they are taking statements from individuals who made allegations of gross misconduct against Dr. Aishath Ali Naaz, a clinical psychologist, on social media.

Health Ministry’s Senior Executive Director Aminath Shathufa Shafeeu told Sun that the ministry has not received any formal complaints against her, but has initiated an investigation after the complaints on social media came to their attention. She added that presently efforts were underway to take individual statements from people who expressed concern on social media, by contacting them.

Several of Naaz’s former clients have posted about her on social media. The accusations against her include being quick to diagnose patients, misdiagnosing patients, failing to maintain patient confidentiality, hiring underqualified staff, and ordering expensive tests but failing to share results.

Naaz denied the allegations to Sun. She said that any further comment regarding the subject will be made by her legal representative.

She operates her own practice Maldives Institute for Psychological Services Training and Research (MIPSTAR), which has been in place for years now. Recently, she has also been traveling to atolls to provide mental health care services to those living in islands.