Armed MNDF soldiers in Addu City districts for trainings

MNDF soliders captured amidst a counter-terrorism operation. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Armed soldiers of Maldives National Defense Force’s (MNDF) Marine Corps are to be in the districts of Addu City for training purposes.

According to the council of Addu City, the training is planned to be conducted till April 2023. During this duration, armed soldiers will be in all the districts of Addu, added the council.

Speaking on this with Sun, the Deputy Mayor of Addu Mohamed Shuaau said the council was informed by MNDF about the training and was asked to relay the information to the public regarding it.

Just recently, MNDF and Maldives Police Services conducted a joint counter-terrorism operation in multiple areas of the country, including Addu City. Notably, numerous arrests were made in the city during this as well.