3 Ukulhas School teachers suspended for refusing to teach dancing

AA. Ukulhas school

Three teachers from Alif Alif Atoll Ukulhas have been suspended over their refusal to teach dancing with music to students in preparation for a school concert.

In the statement released by the Ministry of Education addressing the matter, it stated that a teacher’s main responsibilities are to ensure implementation of the national curriculum and to carry out activities that aid in helping students of a key stage or grade to achieve those.

Hence, the ministry said that the teachers cannot blatantly refuse to carry out certain activities designed to help students achieve targets.

Furthermore, the ministry detailed that action was taken against all three teachers for refusing to comply with the instructions of the school.

The statement released by the ministry said that until an administrative investigation is conducted, the teachers are placed in suspension under the Civil Service Act.

The teachers are suspended for seven days, effective from November 17, 2022.