Minister Inaaz says he resigned due to differences that were not reconciled

Ahmed Inaaz, who resigned as Minister of Finance today, told Sun tonight that he decided to leave the Cabinet due to differences of opinion that were never reconciled, and which he believed could not be reconciled either.

Inaaz said that those differences of opinion surfaced during the working of the Budget for the upcoming year, and that he had made the decision to resign during those days.

Inaaz also said that his decision was not influenced by the shocking treatment he had to experience at the hands of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists on Tuesday night, after he was spotted with prominent opposition leader Abdullah Yamin. MDP activists kidnapped Inaaz when they saw him in a car with Yamin, force-marched him to MDP Activity Centre at Ameeny Magu where they formed a circle around him and assaulted, harassed and terrorized him, swearing at him with foul and obscene language, and warning him to leave the Cabinet.

Inaaz said that the tragic incident was “a lesson for the nation, as well as for me”.

“I had decided to resign as soon as the Budget gets through the Parliament. My decision was not influenced by the incident that occurred on Tuesday night. Those who are close to me would know that my resignation has nothing to do with that incident. It is just a coincidence that the incident occurred at this time”, said Inaaz.

When asked what the differences of opinion between him and the Government leadership, he did not go into details, and only said that they were not personal issues but related to some things that needed to be made right by the government. He also said that those things could only be made right with the cooperation of all the political parties in the country.

Inaaz also said that his decision to resign as Minister of Finance would not mean he would leave MDP. He said that he would remain as a member of the Party and render his services, although he affirmed that it is highly unlikely for him to be seen in another political position any time soon.

“I will not accept any political post at this moment; I would only do so if necessity closes all other doors before me. My personal interest is to work in the field of education. I would like to engage myself in economic academia”, said Inaaz.

About the meeting with Yamin, Inaaz said that different politicians would work differently, according to their own political philosophies, and that he did not see anything wrong in meeting with an opposition leader in private. He also said that he always sought to do the right thing at any time according to what he could see.

“Where I meet a person with whom I want to meet would be proposed by that person. I will always be truthful to Allah. Insha Allah, I shall not do anything wrong. I can see that there may be people who would not have the same political philosophies as me, but I always try to do the right thing”.

With Inaaz, Minister of State for Finance Ahmed Naseer also resigned today.