Kendhikulhudhoo promotes island's natural beauty, vibrant culture

From the event "Haa to Seenu - Rashu vaahaka" to showcase N. Kendhikolhudhoo. (Sun Photo)

In order to showcase the natural beauty of the island, the council of N. Kendhikulhudhoo hosted a unique event.

The event, held in collaboration with a production team called 'Haa to Seenu', which works to advertise and display the natural wonder and culture that is prevalent in inhabited islands of the Maldives, and the council of the island, began Friday.

Speaking to Sun regarding the event, the President of the Council, Mohamed Raoof, said that the main goal of the event is to promote Kendhikulhudhoo as a tourist destination and to show the unique ways people of the island live and the different professions and work they do to make a living.

He also said that there will be a tour of activities people who visit the island on vacation can do and experience as well as open opportunities for interested parties to invest in Kendhikulhudhoo.

In this event, people can witness the creativity of the people from Kendhikulhudhoo, as they weave thatch, or 'fangi' as its locally known as and even make coir rope. They also offer the chance to experience the local cuisine.

From the event "Haa to Seenu - Rashu vaahaka" to showcase N. Kendhikolhudhoo. (Sun Photo)

“Such an event spearheaded by a local council is seen as very unique. Officials from the Local Government Authority also visited us. And there is a lot of support from the general population as well. It’s doing much better than the first day. We are moving towards reaching our goals,” Raoof said.

He further said that the opportunities in the islands can only be found when it is marketed toward people. He also highlighted that as Maldivians are as eager to go and experience different islands, as tourists are as well, events like this open up opportunities for them to do that.

This two-day event that features cultural showcases and ‘boduberu' will continue today from 04:00 pm to 06:00 pm and 08:00 pm to 11:00 pm at Ruhgandu 1 in Hulhumale’.