Victory Day through the lenses of students from Makunudhoo

A photo submission from the students of Makunudhoo school (Photo/Makunudhoo School)

Celebrating and remembering the historic days of the country is very important. The generations of yore sacrificed their blood sweat and tears for these pearls scattered through the Indian ocean that they called home.

The martyrs who stood firm in their beliefs and sacrificed their lives, for the protection of the nation, without hesitation in the face of a danger that would make anyone quake with fear, especially celebrated. 

The importance of the days that celebrate these heroes must be imparted to the youth of the nation, in order to foster their nationalism and love for their motherland. Educational institutes, where they are brought up and instilled with the attributes and culture of the nation, play a major role in this.

As the day of victory is being celebrated nationwide, the students of HDh. Makunudhoo took a unique approach to commemorate this day.

In an effort to promote and bring out the students’ creativity and to give them a unique outlet for their thoughts on this special day, the media club of HDh. Makunudhoo held a competition where the students were asked to submit artwork or pictures that relate to victory day.

A photo submission from the students of Makunudhoo school (Photo/Makunudhoo School)

Every photo submitted by the students showcased the love they have for the country and the inherent belief in preserving the beautiful archipelago that is a part of every proud Maldivian.

As the in charge of the school’s media club, which orchestrated this event, Mohamed Waasif said, this is a chance for the student to do their own research, come up with their own creative interpretations, and showcase their talents.

He said that one of the main objectives of the competition was the remembrance and celebration of the sacrifice that Maldivians made on this fateful day 34 years ago and for the students to think about and take in the events that unfolded on that dark day, at least to some extent. He also noted that students surpassed expectations and came up with concepts for stories that were truly creative and unique.

To convey the importance and magnitude of this historic event was another purpose of this competition.

A photo submission from the students of Makunudhoo school (Photo/Makunudhoo School)

To cultivate love and fondness for the country they were born in and belong to, in students, as a part of their educational curriculum is an important responsibility that schools and other educational institutes are entrusted with. According to the Principal of HDh. Makunudhoo, Ibrahim Luthufee, this responsibility is one that can be fulfilled with these kinds of practical events and activities.

“What we have noticed is that as any of these things are done with the help of numerous people, they would have learned something about this day, as parents do something like this with their children,” Latheef said.

He also said that as teachers, they can only facilitate such opportunities for students, as well as give students a chance to hone and bring out the students’ creativity. 

He even thanked everyone that worked hard to make this event a success.