Man in police custody passes away

Police officers on road. (Sun Photo/Muzayyin Nazim)

Maldives Police Service, on Tuesday evening, announced the passing of a suspect taken in custody at GDh. Atoll earlier in the day.

In a message shared with the press, the Police said that a suspect who was taken into custody had complained of chest pain, and showed signs of seizure following which he was taken to Madaveli Health Centre.

They added that the doctor who examined the man confirmed that he was already dead when brought to the health centre.

Police identified the deceased as a 43-year-old Maldivian man.

Police said that the death has been notified to the National Integrity Commission and Human Rights Commission of the Maldives – requesting further investigation.

Member of Madaveli Council Mohamed Shiaau Zahir who spoke to Sun regarding the matter said that the 43-year-old man was a native of Hoadedhoo. He stressed the reason behind the man’s arrest is unknown.  Shiaau said that the man was taken into custody by a team of police officers that arrived at Hoadedhoo from Male’ City this afternoon.

He said that after the man was stopped, he was escorted by the police to a speedboat. Shiaau noted having received information that the man complained of chest pains whilst being escorted inside the speedboat.

“When he informed of chest pains, he was placed in the frontside of the speedboat, and then it took off,” he added.

Shiaau said that it was unknown where the man was being taken, however had assumed that he was transported to an uninhabited island for interrogation. He claimed that the man was taken to Madaveli afterwards.

He also emphasized that the man had no history of seizures. Shiaau detailed that the man ran a small fisheries business in Hoadedhoo.

“(He) is not someone with health issues. He is a strong-bodied youth,” he detailed.

Police said that the man was transported under their custody in a rented speedboat, which was accommodating members of the general public at the time.