Ex-AG Munavvar: Govt. need to be transparent in Maldives-Mauritius issue

Former Attorney General Dr Mohamed Munavvar. (Sun file photo)

Former Attorney General Dr Mohamed Munavvar stated that the government needed to reveal the ongoings in the Mauritius-Maldives maritime boundary dispute filed at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS).

Allegations have been going around that the government has now agreed to let go of some maritime areas.

Speaking on this issue, Dr Munavvar said that the government needs to let people know the decisions made in connection to this.

“The government is taking such issues very lightly. If a case is submitted against the government, the person responsible is tracked, making deals, and given money if a close acquaintance. If another, then something else is done. It’s being taken very lightly.”

He stressed that the government must not be taking territorial issues so lightly.

“I am someone who got educated at the government’s expense in this area. I drafted the maritime law in the Maldivian Constitution. I took it to the Parliament. Under it, I have ensured the biggest possible area can be claimed for Maldives. I do not believe the area belongs to Mauritius.”

He highlighted that the people must be told the contents of the case filed by Mauritius at ITLOS, as well as the response was given by Maldivian government. He added that in such a case, the Parliament should also be aware of the details.

Dr Munavvar released a statement on this issue in November 2021. In that statement, he said that Maldivians, fishermen, and particularly those in the southern region need to think deeply and express concern over this issue.

 He also said then that if changes were to be made to Maldivian maritime territories, there are fears of negative impacts on fishing.

Hence, he had called on the Attorney General’s Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence to fully disclose details of this issue to the Parliament and the people of Maldives.