Maldives lands Guinness World Record with 455 underwater at once

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and First Lady Fazna Ahmed participating in the ‘Neyvaa 2’ event held by Freedive Maldives. (Sun Photo)

Maldives successfully holds ‘Neyvaa 2’ - with 455 people performing static apnea simultaneously.

The free dive event was held on Saturday, an attempt to land o the Guinness World Record, as well as mark the golden jubilee of tourism in Maldives. A total of 459 people participated in the event.

Freedive Maldives held the event in 12 resorts, and of the people that took part, 455 held their breath underwater for one minute and thirty seconds.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and First Lady Fazna Ahmed took part in the special event held at Cross Roads Maldives.

Speaking about the event with Sun, Minister of Tourism Dr Abdulla Mausoon noted that diving in Maldives was popular among tourists, particularly free diving.

“Events like these are very important for the promotion of tourism. They provide the opportunity to advertise Maldives to the world.”

Freedive Maldives has commenced work to ensure the attempt lands on the Guinness World Record.

Event Manager of Neyvaa 2 Mohamed Faarih said to Sun that such an activity has not previously been in the world record book. He went on to add that the event concluded successfully as per schedule.

“This event was held to celebrate 50 years of tourism in Maldives. We got participation from resorts for this. 12 resorts took part in the event.”

In the first event of such kind held by Dive Maldives in 2019, a total of 521 people dived simultaneously, making a world record.