3 literary competitions by Dhivehi Language Academy to begin tomorrow

Students participating in an essay writing competition. (Photo/Dhivehi Language Academy)

Three nationwide literary competitions organized by the Dhivehi Language Academy are scheduled to begin on Saturday.

These three competitions are; 37th National Essay Writing Competition (In honor of Uz. Mohamed Jameel Didi), 34th National Short Story Writing Competition (In honor of Al-Sheikh Malim Moosa Maafaiykaleyfaanu) and 25th National Poetry Writing Competition (In honor of Huiy Ali Didi).

Speaking to Sun on Friday, Dhivehi Language Academy’s Director Aminath Raashidhaa said that students and individual participants from all atolls, except Dhaalu Atoll, are enrolled in the competitions. She detailed that the competition will be held in schools on the islands, or at another location decided by the island council.

The competition will proceed across all locations at the same time. In this regard, the Essay Writing Competition will start at 8:00am tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Short Story Writing Competition will start at 1:30pm and the Poetry Writing Competition will start at 8:00pm.

“Students from all categories except the higher education will compete tomorrow. Higher education category has been postponed as they are currently in an exam period,” she added.

Winners will be selected in the heated competitions, and be handed over their prizes.

Dhivehi Language Academy had extended applications for the competitions on two separate occasions at the request of schools, to allow more students to participate.

The Academy had recently concluded a national oratory competition – presenting awards to winners.