Negligence force woman to give unassisted birth at Thinadhoo Hospital

Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital in G. Dh. Thinadhoo. (Photo/Huvadhoo News)

The family of a pregnant woman who was taken to Dr. Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital in GDh. Thinadhoo for birth following contractions has stated that she was forced to give an unassisted birth subsequent to delays by doctors in attending to her.

The 31-year-old Thinadhoo woman was taken in an ambulance to Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital following contractions at approximately 9:55pm on Thursday night.

A family member of the woman who spoke to Sun said that the time she was brought to the hospital coincided with a duty shift change – after which only one nurse was present at the Gynecology Ward where she was admitted. The family member added that only one other patient was admitted to the ward.

“My sister said it was hurting, and that it felt like she was about to give birth. Every time this was said, the nurse had brushed it off by saying okay, and instructing to remain in the ward where the family can assist, rather than being at the operation theatre alone,”

“Not in the presence of any doctor, not at gynecology theatre, or operation theatre. My sister gave birth, alone, in a bed in the Gynecology Ward,” the family member detailed.

The family stressed that despite the woman and her baby being in good health, they believe the circumstances which led to her giving an unassisted birth in the Gynecology Ward were due to the negligence of the hospital.

Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital’s Customer Relations Officer Salim Ali confirmed to Sun that the issue has been brought to attention. Underscoring that the matter was being investigated, he said no further details could be given at the moment.