Miuvaan: President assures the freedom ensured for media will not be taken back

The Spokesperson of the President's Office Miuvaan Mohamed. (Photo/NEOC)

Spokesperson of the President’s Office Miuvaan Mohamed states President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih assures that the press freedom guaranteed to the media by his administration will not be taken back by any another administration.

Speaking at a broadcast of ‘Heyyanbo’ program by PSM on Friday, Miuvaan said that the current administration had undertaken all possible efforts to ensure the freedom for the media. He added that efforts were also underway to ensure legal protection for journalists, and provide training opportunities for them.

“It is my dream to facilitate an environment where there is no chance to backtrack the freedom enjoyed at present,” he had said,

Miuvaan said that the president’s instruction is to provide the people with the most information wherever possible. To achieve this, he noted that he will be meeting the press once a week. He also stressed that he would continue to answer questions by journalists outside of this meeting as well.

“The work of the government is for the sake of the people. There is not much hidden, in this aspect. What is hidden, are things that threatens national security,” he added.

Speaking further, Miuvaan said that youths can work in demanding positions, and that the government does provide this opportunity. He stressed that that feats can only be achieved by undertaking all the necessary to succeed in a field.

“A work that you do not do, will not be done for you by someone else. Those who wish to pursue this field (communications), I advise to work for your own benefit. Then doors will open,” he had said.

Miuvaan was appointed at the Spokesperson of the President’s Office in late August. Before his appointment, he was serving as the Head of Communication at Foreign Ministry.