EPA imposes maximum fine on barge that wrecked on reef in V. Atoll

FSM fuel barge 'Mekunu' runs aground on a reef to the west of Sh. Noomara on July 31, 2021. (Photo/MNDF)

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has imposed a MVR 100 million fine on the fuel barge that wrecked on a reef in Vaavu Atoll.

The barge carrying gravel from India wrecked into the reef on May 1. It is believed that the incident occurred while the barge was traveling with a tug boat to V.Rakeedhoo.

After refloating, EPA with the boat’s owner surveyed the reef to identify damages caused.

The results showed that an area of 6,054 square feet sustained serious damage. The total cost of this accumulates to a total of MVR 152,569,800 as per EPA.

However, the boat was fined by only MVR 100 million, as it is the maximum amount that can be imposed in cases of damages to the environment.

EPA stated that Alfit barge has been informed through its local agent Marine Land Shipping to pay the amount within 30 days.