Police urge seafarers to exercise caution over rough seas

A boat travels through rough seas. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Maldives Police Service, on Thursday, has urged seafarers to ensure safety and security aboard on vessels and adherence to laws and regulations on sea transportation in light of the current extreme weather experienced in the Maldives resulting in rough seas.

Maldives is currently experiencing heavy rain from the southwest monsoon.

In a statement released on Thursday, Police underscored the increase in travel between islands due to school holidays. In light of rough seas, they advised ensuring safety of one’s self and others before commencing travel.

On this note, Police urged to ensure safety and security aboard on vessels; the effectivity of communication equipment installed on the vessel and presence of the adequate number of working lifejackets. They also advised against loading more passengers and cargo than the vessel can carry.

In their statement – Police also reminded operators of vessels on their responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their vessels.

Police regularly conduct check programs of sea vessels to ensure safety and security aboard – as well as information sessions for crews on safety and security.