Canoe believed to have been used by missing man found off Kendhikulhudhoo

Ibrahim Ramiz, 28, Kunnaaruge, N. Henbadhoo. (Photo/Maldives Police Service)

A canoe believed to have been used by a young man reported missing from N. Henbadhoo has been found off neighboring N. Kendhikulhudhoo, according to the Henbadhoo Council.

Ibrahim Ramiz, 28, Kunnaaruge, Henbadhoo, was reported missing to the Henbadhoo Council by his parents at approximately 07:00 pm Thursday. The council immediately reported the case to the police.

According to police, Ramiz was last seen on Thursday morning, wearing a grey t-shirt and blue shorts, and his family believes he had set out on a canoe.

The police, council officials and local residents continue to search for him.

Henbadhoo Council’s president Hussain Aboobakr told Sun on Saturday morning that a canoe, believed to be the same one Ramiz had used, had been found near Kendhikolhu.

He said that the police were looking into it.

Aboobakr said Ramiz had previously travelled out of the island for work, and that his father told the council he left his job and returned to the island due to a police investigation against him.

Sun has been informed Ramiz had a record for drug related offenses. Residents who spoke to Sun said Ramiz was well known to be a drug addict.

Police have asked for anyone with information regarding his whereabouts to contact Kendhikulhudhoo Police Station at 9311499.