‘Global Peace Tourism Forum and Awards 2022’ successfully concludes

A capture from the closing ceremony of ‘Global Peace Tourism Forum and Awards 2022’. (Photo/RAFY)

‘Global Peace Tourism Forum and Awards 2022’ was successfully concluded on Saturday.

The two-day event was organized collaboratively by Regional Alliance for Fostering Youth (RAFY), International Youth Development Council (IYDC) and various other non-governmental organizations working with young people in peace building.

The event provided a platform for peacebuilders from over 20 countries, amongst society’s stakeholders, diplomats, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs and hospitality professionals to discuss human rights, promoting peace and resilience.

Closing ceremony of the event was held on Saturday afternoon at Social Center’s seminal hall, which was officiated by State Minister for Youth Mohamed Nasih.

A capture from the closing ceremony of ‘Global Peace Tourism Forum and Awards 2022’. (Photo/RAFY)

As part of this forum, three panel discussions were held with the participation of expert speakers from different countries.

Representatives from twenty-two countries which took part in the forum included Palestine, Syria and Sudan.

Moreover, ‘Prestigious Peace Awards’ were presented to eight recipients during the forum. This is an awarded given to leaders in recognition of their efforts to make the lives of others better.

A capture from the closing ceremony of ‘Global Peace Tourism Forum and Awards 2022’. (Photo/RAFY)

Recipients of the award:

  •         Mohamed Zahir, Youth Development Advocate, former State Minister for Gender, former Vice President of Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM).
  •         India’s Mr. Rachit Rachit, Wellness trainer at Corporate Spa
  •         Canada’s Miss Adriana Lavera, Entrepreneur Consultant, Corporate Learning and Development Manager
  •         UK’s Miss Heidi Grimwood, Fellow at UK’s Global Peace Institute, Vice President at Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts
  •  .      Philippines’ Mario O’ Quint, Presiding Judge at the 12th branch of Regional Trial Court
  •          Bangladesh’s Dr. MD Anamul Hawk Advocate Supreme Court of Bangladesh, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Access to Human Rights International Bangladesh
  •         Miss Ruth Franklin, Co-founder of Secret Paradise Maldives, Sustainable Tourism Specialist
  •         Hawwa Shaheena Mohamed, Certified Leadership/Executive Coach, Speaker and Trainer

Speaking at the closing ceremony, RAFY’s President Dr. Aishath Rafiyya stressed that the world’s population was becoming younger by the day.

“Must listen to youths’ voice. What they want is a life full of integrity for themselves and the whole society,” she had said.